The Earthrise image

It was described by nature photographer Galen Rowell as “the most influential environmental photograph ever taken.” Earthrise showed the world as a singular, fragile, oasis. Earthrise opened the door into humanities global consciousness demonstrating how interconnected all our seemingly unconnected activities were.


This is a symbolic founding image for us at earthrhize as it symbolizes the earth rising from the darkness and a moment of collective clarity. As earthrise stimulated the environmental movement, we hope earthrhize of 2020 will gather global traction as a concept that provides a vehicle model for ecological adaptation.

Mycorrhizal connections


1. rhize, from ῥίζη (rhízē) / ῥίζα (rhíza), meaning ‘root’ (further meanings include ‘source’, ‘foundation’, ‘family’). We see our name, earthrhize, as a reflection of the fact that the Earth is the ‘root’ which anchors all life.


2. rhizome, from ῥίζωμα (rhízōma), meaning ‘mass of roots’. A rhizome is an underground plant stem that grows horizontally and can sprout new shoots which grow upwards. This ability to create new shoots from an underground network shows the regenerative power of nature when left to its own devices.


3. mycorrhiza. This is the ‘symbiotic association between a fungus and a plant’, where the roots of a plant (a young pine in the picture above) are enveloped with mycelium. The mycorrhizal fungi extend a tree’s range for absorbing nutrients and water, while also conferring a fungal defense against invasive diseases. We see this mutual relationship between two living organisms as a model for humanity to live more in harmony with the natural world.

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