At earthrhize we choose only the highest quality regenerative and offsetting projects to add to our portfolio. Every project our members fund has gone through our rigorous selection process. We work with partners who provide fully audited and traceable impact.

To make sure your impact goes beyond just carbon we have created the eartrhize HALO:



Supporting sustainable livelihoods for those most affected by climate change.



Sequestering carbon and reducing air pollution.

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Protecting biodiversity, restoring and regenerating nature.



Preventing pollution, protecting biodiversity and reducing consumption.

We assess how every project contributes to the four elements of the HALO. We break each element down into key indicators and score the projects against them.





For humanity we look at indicators including how the project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, who receives the funding (corporates vs communities) and how badly the project region is likely to be affected by our changing climate.

For Air we don't just find the cheapest carbon on the market - we look at the impacts these projects have beyond carbon. We look at indicators like the age of the offset credit, the Project Drawdown ranking and compare it to a variety of best practice carbon offset frameworks.

For Land we look at key indicators as to how projects protect or promote biodiversity. We assess the ecosystems services the projects support and take into account their impacts on consumption and pollution.

We take a similar approach for Oceans, looking at key factors affecting biodiversity, consumption and pollution. Our work with Eden Reforestation regenerates biodiversity rich marine ecosystems and our work with Plastic Bank prevents ocean bound plastic from polluting our oceans. 

We are constantly developing, iterating and improving our investment screening process. As well as the UN SDGs we use a variety of indicators and best practice principles including:

All of our work is thoroughly traceable and audited. We hold UN certified offsets on your behalf and work with our partners to track your impact - we can trace the plastic we offset back to the time and place it was collected.


For all of our projects we go the extra mile to check our projects do not have unintended consequences or broken incentive systems. We balance the weighting of our monthly subs across the HALO to make sure your impact is as broad and balanced as possible.

If you want to know more or to make any suggestions as to improvements we could make please contact us.

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