Most of us feel intensely troubled by the mess we're making of the planet and the inequity created across geography and generations. Call it "eco-guilt", call it "planetary empathy". 

The trouble is most of us don't know where to start.

One minute it's carbon and greenhouse gases, the next the destruction of rainforests and then there's the assault on the oceans ..and did we mention the suffering of humankind, particularly those most affected by environmental change

(and usually the ones least responsible for it).

​So we thought it would be great to create a membership platform where we could offer: 

  • Peace of mind for climate action 

  • Something that went beyond just carbon offsetting, but helped protect all aspects of the earth (why not call it the HALO of humanity, air, land and oceans)

  • A more tangible connection to the human stories of regeneration

  • Freedom from too much eco-jargon, but plenty of thought-provoking ideas

  • A simple, easy to manage payment plan

earthrhize is the result.

earthrhize owes its roots to the unifying influence of the John Pontin Trust (JPT) which has been regenerating the environment and alleviating poverty in India for many years.

Many conversations with JPT informed our urgent sense of inter-generational mission to leave the world a better place today than it was yesterday. 

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